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Tohi Admiral´s Reserve
Navy Strength Gin

The foundation of Tohi Distillery is to offer bold gin taste sensations.  Our take on Navy Strength gin is a bold, gunpowder proof gin expression. Centuries ago, to test if a navy gin had an acceptable quality, it was tested by lighting a mix of spirit and gunpowder. If it burned – this was a „proof“ that the gin had a good quality. Tohi Admiral´s Reserve Navy Strength is a gunpowder and storm proof gin, made with spices from distant shores across the world. The gin is tuned exactly into 59,1% proof – the very same coordinates as Tohi Distillery in Kohila, Estonia. A curious fact is that once upon a time the estate owner of Tohisoo manor (where Tohi Distillery is located) was the father of admiral Bellingshausen (1778-1852, discoverer of Antarctica). Tohi Admiral´s Reserve Navy Strength gin is a homage to him and all brave sailors around beautiful seas and harbors!

What´s TOHI Admiral´s Reserve Navy Strength gin like?


Clear and transparent gin


A bold bouquet with notes of juniper berries, black pepper, aromatic star anise, cinnamon and a hint or cardamom.


A dry gin with a strong, juniper led character. Intense and spicy, yet smooth flavour. Peppery notes add weight to the palate and citrus peels bring freshness. The aftertaste of the gin is rather long where one may sense ginger, coriander, lemon peel, and mellow cinnamon.

Signature serve

Being no more or less than 59,1% vol strength, rest assured that if this gin is poured on actual gunpowder, it would still ignite. But we do not recommend doing that! Instead, pour 4 cl of Tohi Navy Strength gin into a copa glass, add plenty of ice cubes and 20 cl of quality tonic water. Garnish your cocktail with a slice of sour apple. Or try mixing the Tohi Navy Strength Gin into cocktails (like a Gimlet) – the high abv emphasizes the gin taste bouquet.

What´s the gin made of?