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Tohi London Dry Gin

Ginger & Sichuan Pepper

The story of Tohi Distillery was born of love and its next chapter is rather spicy. And that’s what exactly the TOHI London Dry Ginger & Sichuan Pepper gin is. We distilled as many as 13 different natural spices from around the wide world in a copper pot still, mixed them with Estonian organic rye spirit and the result is a passionate fusion of lush ginger and hot pepper. Tohi London Dry Gin is a genuine craft gin made with love and full of heart.


The unparalleled taste of TOHI Cloudberry Mist Nordic Dry Gin has been recognized at various spirits awards worldwide. We could not be prouder!

What´s TOHI London Dry Gin like?


Clear and transparent.


A spicy bouquet with notes of juniper berries, black pepper, exotic star anise, licorice, hints of cinnamon and the warmth of cardamom.


A dry gin with an exuberant and strong character. The sensation on the tongue is as if the Orient Express train is rushing through the spice gardens: mellow cinnamon, fiery cardamom, soft juniper, and a touch of licorice. The aftertaste is long where one may sense ginger, coriander, the freshness of lemon, sharpness of pepper and cozy spices. The flavour does not keep on burning the tongue, but instead transforms into a soft and silky sensation, gently tingling the mouth.

Signature serve

Take a copa glass, fill it with ice. Then pour 4 cl of Tohi London Dry gin and add 20 cl of high-quality tonic water. Enhance your cocktail with a slice of orange or lemon. If you wish for a slightly drier cocktail, use aromatic oils squeezed from a citrus peel instead. Let the trip to in the first class of the Orient Express begin!

Tohi Lodon Dry Gin Sichuan Pepper & Ginger

What´s it made of?