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How to make gin cocktails?

 TOHI Gins are best accompanied with a quality tonic water and a slice of orange.
In addition, there are plenty of other cocktail options. Explore!

Here´s to … a selection of inspiring toasts

A right toast at the right time makes you a distinguished guest at any table. Here are few toasts, selected by TOHI specialists!


The infamous Estonian word for “Cheers!”

It literally means “for health” or “cheers” but somehow it sounds 100 times sexier! When visiting Estonia, it is probably the first expression taught to you.

Here´s to living the glass half full!


Here´s to many more firsts and many more great memories!

Let the party be gin!

To gin or not to gin. Silly question!

It’s fifty-sixty how it will turn out.

Matti Nykänen, Finnish ski jumper

Gincident – an event which happened due to one too many gins.

Ginastics – exercises developing the agility and coordination of pouring and drinking a juniper-based spirit.

You are the gin to my tonic!