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Tohi Cloudberry Mist Gin

Our very first gin expression – TOHI Cloudberry Mist Nordic Dry Gin – is a story of crisp morning in the Nordic bog. Distilled gin prepared in a classic pot still method, with handpicked cloudberries,  organic rye spirit and juniper berries.  Add a pinch of secret herbs and the result is one of very rare cloudberry gins out there.


The unparalleled taste of TOHI Cloudberry Mist Nordic Dry Gin has been recognized at various spirits awards worldwide. We could not be prouder!

What´s TOHI Cloudberry Mist Gin like?


The nose hints sweet citrus fruits, blend of herbal notes of wild forests and aromatic flowers. Then follows the genuine palette of the gin: honeyed cloudberry, a hint of cinnamon and the bitterness of juniper berries.


Honeyed, passionate and a dry gin with a character. Nordic ripe cloudberry interweaves with passion fruit nectar and spicy cardamon. The aftertaste of the gin is lingering, detectable notes of orange peel and exotic spices.

Signature serve

Take a nice copa or wine glass and fill it with ice. Pour 4 cl of Tohi Cloudberry Mist Gin and add 20 cl of quality tonic. Perfectionate the cocktail with a slice of orange. Should you prefer a drier cocktail, add some orange peel instead. Give your gin & tonic a gentle stir and be ready to fall in love! Explore more cocktail options here.

Tohi cloudberry murakas dzinn

What´s the gin made of?