Heartcrafted Estonian Gin

Tohi Nordic Dry Gin Cloudberry Mist

Distilled in pot still method using the best organic rye spirit, well selected herbs and cloudberries.


43% vol


500 ml




Yellowish, transparent

Tasting notes


Sweet & aromatic with honey, chamomile and passionfruit.


Dry & slightly sweet with juniper, sweet orange, green cardamom and cloudberries.


Long lasting with warm spices and hint of orange.


Serving Suggestions

Best enjoyed in Copa glass over ice with classic Indian tonic water and garnished with slice of orange.


Tohi story

Like most beautiful stories, Tohi’s story started with love. For example, Priit, the creator of Tohi, has loved gin tonic for the last 20 years. One day, approximately 5 years ago, when the syrupy rum and cokes dominated bars in Estonia, it was finally noticed that gin had started to take over the world. Considering Priit’s decades-long love affair with gin and the favorable conditions at the time, it was a no-brainer to start his own gin production. Not from a great demand, it just seemed like a great idea. Priit’s plan to have his very own line of gin also appeared attractive to Siim and Tormi, Priit’s business partners for over 15 years running cafes, bars, nightclubs and so on…



Distributor in Estonia and Baltics

Momentin Eesti OÜ
Siduri 3 (III korrus)
11313 Tallinn
+372 64 64 565



World Gin Awards 2020

Best Contemporary Estonian Gin 2020 

Eesti Joogifestival 2019

Best Gin

San Francisco World Spirits Awards

Bronze Medal 2020

The Gin Guide Awards

Finalist 2020 (top 6)

Eesti Käsitöönapsude Festival 2020




Tohi Distillery OÜ

Viljandi mnt. 43, Kohila

Rapla county, Estonia

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