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Tohi Aronia Infused Gin

The foundation of Tohi Distillery is to offer bold taste sensations. The aronia is a vitamin-rich super-berry, well-known in the Nordics, with a characteristic taste that your mind and tongue will remember. We combined the aronia together with gin, and the result is a completely special, full-bodied and rich taste.  Aronia berries are picked from Estonian gardens, and then stomp the juice out with our feet, just like in historic little wineries in Europe. Then, the mixture of berries, their skin and juice is mixed with the gin, made according to a special recipe, and is left to rest for half a year. After that, it is filtered, and the ruby red aronia gin is ready to be bottled. Zero added sugar!

Aronia gin is made only once per year and in a limited amount.


The unparalleled taste of TOHI Cloudberry Mist Nordic Dry Gin has been recognized at various spirits awards worldwide. We could not be prouder!

International Wine and Spirits Competition 2020
Best Gin & Tonic – bronze

What´s TOHI Aronia Infused Gin like?


Deep dark red


Aromatic, fruity, with hints of wormwood and herbs.


A walk in an August garden. An acerbic taste, as if characteristic of a bitter, and at the same time, a lush berry taste that is tannic and surprisingly dry. Character-filled aronia, soft juniper berry, the exoticism of cinnamon, spicy cardamom, and a dash of dried green herbs. A unique and well-balanced taste. The aftertaste of the gin is pleasantly long and slightly flushing.

Signature serve

To prepare a truly Nordic aperitif, take a Copa or a large wine glass, fill it with ice. Then, pour 4 cl of Tohi Aronia Infused Gin and add 20 cl of high-quality tonic. Enhance the flushing cocktail with a slice of orange.

Tohi Aronia Gin bottle

What´s it made of?