TOHI Rum Blanco – Blended Caribbean Light Rum


We set foot across the great ocean, exactly 4589 miles later to find ourselves under the sun of the Caribbean islands. You see, these tropical islands are home to world famous rums. Island (rum) hopping lead to stop at Trinidad & Tobago, and the Dominican Republic. Both gorgeous islands produce wonderful rums, and as we could not decide, we married both into the recipes of a beautiful “Tohi Rum Blanco”. The result is a high-quality sunny, light rum, full of sunshine, Caribbean vibes, and rhythms. Suntanned and matured under the island rays, bottled with love in Tohisoo, Estonia.

Tohi Rum Blanco is a medium-bodied light rum, with a delicate sweetness that is characteristic of sugar cane. The flavour is silky, bitter-sweet, yet light rum with a fresh and mild undertone. The aftertaste of the rum has notes of tropical fruits – coconut peel and fresh pineapple. A medium-bodied bouquet, that makes an excellent base for mixing rum cocktails as well as for enjoying neat. 

0,5 L, 40% vol. Case: 6 bottles

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