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Tohi Virgin. Alcohol-free Spirit

Zero percent of alcohol, zero worries.
Tohi Virgin is a delightful non-alcoholic heartcrafted drink distilled with natural spices. Suitable for any occasion – also when you cannot.

Sssh…you’ll struggle to tell the difference!

No sugar added. Use Tohi Virgin in cocktails instead of gin. Did we mention mocktails? Tohi Virgin is designed to wow in non-alcoholic mocktails!

What’ s TOHI Alcohol-Free Drink like?


Crystal clear, transparent drink


 Juniper, hints of green pepper and cardamom. 


The palate reveals notes of juniper, characteristic to classic distilled gins. Then, coriander, fiery pepper, aromatic cardamom and zesty citrus notes.

Serving suggestions

Tohi Virgin designed for mocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails! Mix 40 ml of Tohi Virgin with plenty of ice and 200 ml of tonic, add a slice of orange and the cooling cocktail is ready.  

What´s it made of?