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3 types of gin everyone should know

Gin, that juniper-laced spirit, is a versatile friend to many cocktails. But venture beyond the classic gin & tonic, and you’ll discover a world of different gins, each offering unique flavors and strengths. Here are 3 essential gin types to get you started on your gin journey:

1. London Dry Gin

– The king of the castle. This is the gin type that truly defines the spirit’s character for many.

– Made with juniper berries as the star ingredient, alongside neutral grain spirit.

– Strictly regulated, London Dry cannot have added sugar or artificial flavors, ensuring a clean and crisp taste.

– Expect a dry profile with prominent juniper notes, perfect for classic cocktails.

Example: Tohi London Dry Gin – a classic expression with a clean and dry profile

2. Navy Strength Gin

– Packs a punch! This gin boasts a higher alcohol content, typically around 57% ABV

– Originally formulated for British sailors, the extra alcohol helped preserve medicinal supplies during long voyages.

– The taste is bolder and more intense, with juniper taking center stage.

– Ideal for cocktails where you want the gin to shine, like a Negroni or a White Lady.

Example: Tohi Admiral’s Reserve Navy Strength Gin – a bolder option for those who like their gin with a kick.

3. Distilled Gin

– A world of flavors awaits! This category encompasses any gin where botanicals beyond juniper are added during distillation.

– The possibilities are endless, with citrus peels, spices, fruits or various berries from cloudberries to raspberries finding their way into the gin.

– The taste profile varies wildly depending on the chosen botanicals.

– Perfect for sipping crafting unique cocktails that highlight the specific botanicals used.

Example: Tohi Cloudberry Mist Nordic Dry Gin. This is a unique gin infused with cloudberries for a refreshing and fruity twist.

With so many gins to discover, the world of cocktails is your oyster! So grab your favorite tonic, experiment with different types of gin, and find your perfect pour.